A Comprehensive Chicago Cutlery Review: Discover the Best Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery review: Here is all you need to know about the Chicago Cutlery knife set in order to clear all the doubts regarding this knife set.

A knife set is one of the most important things you must have in your kitchen. There are different knife sets that you can find on the internet, but sometimes their sharpness is not up to your preference. The most potent knife set that is best known because of its different knife styles and precise cutting is the Chicago Cutlery. Chicago cutlery basically manufactures a special kind of knife, which is easier to grip and comfortable for chopping.

If you find a knife with perfect gripping, then all your cutting-related problems will be solved. Well, in this article, I will give you a detailed Chicago Cutlery review in order to make your selection facile. Read the article to know more about how a Chicago cutlery knife set can make your life and kitchen work easy.

Chicago Cutlery Review

Chicago Cutlery has a top-notch knife set that meets all kitchen cutting needs

Almost all of your kitchen work becomes easier when you have a sharp knife in your kitchen. Most of the kitchen work requires a knife, which means that your kitchen must deserve a proper knife set. A variety of knife sets are available in the market but selecting the right one is always a challenge. Well, if we look at the different brands that have introduced special cutlery sets then among all the Chicago cutlery has something special.

Chicago cutlery makes the best knives all over and makes sure that the set provides different knife sizes so that you can use any according to the required nature of work. Also, when a person is buying any product of any brand then that person basically looks for all the features in order to reduce the chances of disappointment. Each company has its own uniqueness and they make tools according to their own specialty.

From professional work like cutting meat to the simplest work like cutting vegetables, you need a knife of appropriate work size. Proper size and gripping make your work simpler, which further makes sure that you complete more tasks in less time. Whenever you are looking to buy any cutlery set you have many expectations on your mind. Well, the Chicago cutlery possesses one of the best knife sets that will surely fulfill the whole criteria of kitchen cutting.

Chicago Cutlery Block Knife Set

Most professional cooks basically use the Chicago Cutlery block knife set. This set has a variety of knives in it and each knife is different from the others in its size, blade shape, sharpness, and length. This means that in just one set you can enjoy a variety of knives as each knife is suitable to use for any kind of work. For complex tasks and cutting it is important that you have a knife with the proper gripping and bi-size blade.

So, Chicago cutlery has a knife with a large blade and comfortable handle, which makes your complex tasks even simpler. There is a block set, which consists of spaces and each space has a different knife. You can use any knife of your choice and then you can put it back in the same place in that block. The Chicago cutlery knife block knife set mainly possesses 11 to 21 pieces of different knives.

This means that you have got a variety of knives to work with and you can use any according to your kitchen work. The larger size knives are placed above or on the top side of the block while the shorter knives are mainly placed at the bottom side of the knife set. Each knife in the Chicago cutlery knife set is best to use for cutting purposes.

Chicago Knife Set

  • Utility knife
  • Bread knife
  • Santoku
  • Chef’s knife
  • Paring knife
  • Slicer
  • Peeler
  • Steak knife
  • Boing knife
  • A cutting board

The Chicago Cutlery knife set is stable, handy, and durable to use for all different kinds of kitchen work. The knife set also includes a cutting board, which helps you cut things precisely and smoothly. Also, some Chicago cutlery sets include sharpening steel, which helps you sharpen the knives after they become greasy or oily. Well, I will give you a review of some famous Chicago cutlery in order to help you grab the right one.

Best Chicago Cutlery Review

1. Chicago Cutlery 19 Piece Block Set

Chicago Cutlery 19 Piece Block Set

The famous Chicago cutlery set consists of almost 19 knives and this set is all you need to buy for your kitchen. It consists of powerful knives, which are balanced and durable. The knives of this set are quite sharp and you can even reshape them with a sharpener.

The handle of the knives is made up of stainless steel, which makes it corrosion-resistant and long-term valuable. The best thing is that the Chicago Cutlery block set has its own sharpener inside the block, which makes it super easy for you to reshape the knife again quickly. The multiple items included in this Chicago cutlery are;

  • 8-inch bread knife
  • 8-inch chef knife
  • 6-inch boning knife
  • 8-inch slicer
  • 7-inch santoku knife
  • Shears
  • 5-inch utility knife
  • 3-inch peeler
  • 3 ½ inch parer
  • Woodblock
  • Sharpener
  • Bamboo cutting board

2. Chicago Cutlery Elston Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Elston Block Set

The Chicago cutlery Elston block set has multiple kinds of knives with strong forged blades.

Each knife shape is different from the other and there is a built-in sharpener, which re-sharpens the knife accordingly. These knives are easy to clean and use. The handle of the Chicago cutlery Elson is quite comfortable to hold on to because of its lightweight.

The grip of these knives is amazing if you use them with your dry hands. The weight of these knives is suitable, not too light and not too heavy. The sharpness of the blade is good and these knives are quite pointed from the edge. The high-carbon stainless steel makes it super durable and reliable. This set of knives includes;

  • 8-inch chef’s knife
  • 4 ¾ inch utility knife
  • 6 ¾ inch bread knife
  • Straight edge 4 ¼ steak knife
  • Kitchen shears
  • 3 ¼ inch parer
  • Sharpening steel
  • Woodblock

3. Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Block Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Block Knife Set

Another great Chicago knife set that you can find is the DesignPro block knife set. This set of knives includes strong blade knives, which cut things precisely and smoothly.

The style of this knife is stylish, smart, and good. The steel full tang makes it super easy for you to hold the knife easily without any problem.

The design of the wood block is amazing and all the knives can fit easily in it. This knife set is super sharp just like a razor. This set of knives is durable so you can use them for a longer period of time. The concave center part of the knife helps you grip it tightly and efficiently. Well, this set includes items, which are;

  • 8-inch chef knife
  • 5-inch serrated utility knife
  • 7-inch edge santoku knife
  • 8-inch bread knife
  • 3 ½ inch paring knife
  • 4 ½ inch steak knife
  • 2 ¾ inch peeler
  • Sharpening
  • Shears
  • Wooden block board

Why Should You Go For A Chicago Cutlery Knife Set?

Knowing the details of the knife set will show the importance of choosing the right pair

Well, here are some detailed reasons why you should opt for the Chicago cutlery knife set rather than the other one. Knowing in-depth knowledge about this knife set will fully give you a sense of why it is important to choose the right pair of knives. Read the important features that the Chicago cutlery knife set includes so that you can get an idea of its worth.

1. Price

Prices matter a lot when it comes to buying anything. Well, the best thing about the Chicago cutlery knife set is the price tag. You will see that this set of knives is quite low in its price and you will be amazed that you will get a full pair of knives at a suitable price. Nothing is better than having a knife set at an affordable price. Mostly every knife set in Chicago is available at the same low price tag. The first thing that comes to mind for the buyer is the price, so I hope this problem is smoothly solved now.

2. Material

Another best thing about Chicago Cutlery is the material as their knives are made up of strong stainless steel material. This material makes them super reliable, durable, and powerful to use. The high-carbon stainless steel makes it robust and prevents it from rusting, staining, and pitting. So, if you want the best quality material that lasts for a longer period of time then you can simply choose the Chicago Cutlery knife set without having any doubt.

3. Design

The knife designs of the Chicago cutlery knife set are unique and durable. Most of their knives are German-style as they possess thick blades. The backside handle of the Chicago knives provides proper gripping to the user. The Chicago knives are designed in a way that the user does not feel tired while working with them. These knives feel quite comfortable in your hand and you can simply work with them for a longer period of time.

4. Construction

All the Chicago knives are constructed differently. Some have stamped blades while some have forged blades. Stamped blades are sharp and are constructed from a sheet of metal. It is not hard on your hands and its blade is quite sharp. The forged blade knife is thicker, more durable, and sharper than the stamped blade knife. Under your budget, it is up to you which one you choose.

5. Sharpness

In comparison to sharpness, the Chicago cutlery knife set consists of the sharpest knife. The sharpness of the cutting angle of Chicago knives is simply amazing. The sharpness on the edge of Chicago knives is thin and pointed, which is quite rare in other knife sets. Also, you can re-sharp the knife if you find any knife greasy or oily. The Chicago cutlery knives are the sharpest ones that you can find for your kitchen work.

6. Durable

The Chicago knives are durable to use for many years. This means that you do not have to worry about changing the knife set again and again. Once you have found the right Chicago cutlery knife set then you can use it for a longer period of time without worrying about replacing the knife set. You should not compromise on the quality of the knife so you should prefer a Chicago cutlery knife set.


Which is better: Cuisinart or Chicago Cutlery knives?

Well, my recommendation will always be Chicago cutlery knives because of their better sharpness, affordable price, and long-lasting usage. Chicago Cutlery knives are better than many knife sets because of their unbeatable cutting power.

Is Chicago Cutlery made in China?

Yes, the Chicago Cutlery knife set is made in China and is known all over the world because of its amazing cutting quality.

What kind of steel is Chicago Cutlery made from?

The Chicago cutlery is made up of high-carbon stainless steel, which is easy to handle and work with for a longer period of time.

Does Chicago Cutlery have a lifetime warranty?

The best thing about the Chicago cutlery knife set is that it has a lifetime warranty as it is constructed strongly and has durable features.

What angle are Chicago cutlery knives sharpened at?

The 26-degree angle is preferred as the best one to sharpen the Chicago cutlery knives. This is the angle where you cut things easily.


Ending up this article, I hope that you have got to know enough about Chicago Cutlery. You can now buy the Chicago cutlery knife set without any doubts because it is one of the best knife sets that you can find. Enjoy your kitchen work and make it easier by using sharp knives. This Chicago Cutlery Review makes your buying experience even more amazing and under your budget.

Think less, and enjoy working more by using the amazing Chicago cutlery knife set, which fulfills all the user requirements. I hope you have gained enough knowledge about Chicago cutlery, which will obviously clear your selection problem.