Full Tang vs Half Tang: Which is Better on a Knife? A Comprehensive Guide

Full Tang vs Half Tang: There are many different types of knives. The two most common types are full tang and half tang. These types of knives have been around since medieval times.

The knife tang is the portion of the blade that sticks out from the handle. It is usually made of metal and is a small part of the knife. . One type is called a full tang. This type of tang is attached to the handle and the blade. The other type of tang is called a half tang. This type of tang is attached to the handle and the blade.

Full Tang vs Half Tang

If you’re considering purchasing a kitchen knife, you may have come across the terms full tang and half tang. In this post, we’ll explain the differences between these two types of knife tangs to help you make a informed buying decision

Full Tang Knife

Knives with full tangs have a good balance

Full-tang knives are safer and stronger than half-tang knives. They have a larger metal part that goes all the way through the handle and connects to the blade. They are easier to sharpen. You may not need a sharpening stone to sharpen them.

The full-tang knife is usually made with a stainless steel blade. Stainless steel is one of the strongest metals on earth.

Full-tang knives are generally preferred because they are

safer and stronger.


full tang knives are easier to use. They have a large metal piece that connects to the blade and makes the knife safer. They are used in gardening, camping, and hunting. They are preferred by professionals. You can easily sharpen them using only a sharpening stone. You can carry and use it more easily. They are also used in construction and home improvement if you are looking for a knife, a full tang knife would be a great choice.


The blade is really comfortable and easy to use.

It has a thick handle and a long handle.

You can clean them with just water.

They are easy to sharpen.

It is possible to use them for a variety of purposes.


Some pockets might not be able to hold it.

They are heavier.

expensive than the other knives.

Half tang knives

 this type of knife is frequently found in restaurants.

A half-tang knife is a type of knife that has the blade at the bottom of the handle, not at the top.. This design allows you to use the knife in a reverse grip.

These knives come in a variety of sizes. A typical half-tang knife has a blade length of around six inches and handle that is around four inches long. Most knives with this type of handle are around two pounds. It is usually made of wood, also available in plastic or metal in the market. Most knife blades are made of stainless steel


This knife is called an axe knife. It is used for chopping foods. This type of knife is commonly used in restaurants because it can chop several ingredients.

axe knives are easy to use. the blade is not sharpened, so it can be used over and over again. Many people use this type of knife to cut meat and fish. This type of knife can be used when you are cooking a steak, chicken breast, or fish.


half-tang knives are lightweight.

It takes less effort to hold the knife than to use a regular knife.

easier to sharpen, and there is no need to invest time in sharpening.

it has a round blade, Which means that it will not be able to damage your skin.


the blade does not fit into the handle properly. it can be either too short or too wide

it is difficult to hold the knife. You have to use both hands to hold the knife.

the blade is small and has a limited amount of cutting power.


Yes, full-tang knives tend to be better than half-tang knives, all else being equal. But keep in mind that this is not the only quality feature of a knife. the type of steel used also plays a major role. There are also splitter knives made of high-quality materials that are preferable to those of poor construction. An “A” quality mark, but not a “THE” quality mark for knives.